Registered drugs
We specialize in supplying drugs for the treatment of severe and rare diseases.

Registered drugs

We are among the top largest suppliers of oncology drugs in Russia
TOP 15
Top supplier
We provide healthcare institutions with quality medicines. We specialize in the supply of drugs for the treatment of oncological, hematological and orphan diseases.
Orphan diseases
Oncological diseases
Hematologic diseases
Endocrinologic diseases
Metabolic disorders
Cardiovascular diseases
Viral and infectious diseases
Dermatologic diseases
including indications for spinal cord transplantation
All products meet safety and efficacy requirements: they undergo clinical trials and receive certificates.
We directly cooperate with Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers.
We work with regional committees, ministries and health departments, pharmacies, oncology dispensaries, hospitals, polyclinics.
We maintain high ethical standards of work by strictly complying with laws and regulatory requirements.
We supply medicines to healthcare institutions throughout Russia.
We build transparent relationships with partners, customers and regulators.